Posted by: ulumuda | August 11, 2008

Sarawak firm named in Kedah logging plans (NST-8 July 08)

ALOR STAR: A Sarawak-based company, WTK Holdings, has shown interest in taking part in the proposed logging activity near a water catchment area in Kedah.

Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak said he received a visit from the company’s officials on the proposed logging last week.

WTK Holdings is the same company that had proposed the heli-logging project during the tenure of the previous Kedah government.

“I was briefed on the logging method that would be used in the area by the logging company,” Azizan said.

“However, not all the explanations on the method could be accepted by the state. There are several areas that need to be further studied.”

Yesterday’s assembly was the first attended by Azizan since his first day in office as the Menteri Besar four months ago.

WTK Holdings is the only company that had approached the state since the state government announced its decision to log in the water catchment area.

Last month, Azizan announced that Kedah would open up the Hulu Muda forest reserve to logging activities to increase its revenue, unless the Federal Government pay the RM100 million compensation yearly for banning logging in the area five years ago.


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