Posted by: ulumuda | August 11, 2008

MENTERI BESAR’S LOGGING PLANS: Think like a leader(NST-30 Jun 08)

By : M.M.R , Petaling Jaya

KEDAH Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak has said that he wants to make money from God’s timber gift in the Ulu Muda forest reserve. I strongly believe that if God has bestowed something on us, we should exploit its potential fully.

However, it isn’t always like that. Sometimes, we have to look a little deeper into the issue, especially in a situation like this.

Many people depend on that forest. It provides water to Kedah and Penang. Offices, shops, homes and padi farmers depend on that water. People who would be most badly affected are the padi farmers.

In a commercial sense, Azizan is making a smart move as the logging would produce RM16 billion revenue for the state. Yet, is it worth it? The amount is huge but how long will it last? It could easily be spent in a single mega project. Do we have to lose so much to gain a little short-term profit?

A leader is a person who thinks big and thinks long term. He has to look at a subject from every viewpoint. It is not wise for him to turn a deaf ear to the people around him.

The forest is about twice the size of Singapore with an estimated one million trees that would be chopped down. He assures the people that it will be done in an environment-friendly way. Now, how is that possible?

Azizan has probably thought about the matter but not hard enough or long enough. Because if he had, he would not make such a move.


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